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Tips to Take Care of your Cold Room

Renting a cold room is a massive investment for any business, and it is often an essential one. But the return on your investment can be just as  big, with your cold room working hard for you, often 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But are you giving your cold room a little TLC along the way? Here are some tips for caring for your cold room so that it is working optimally for your business.

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5 Businesses that Benefit from Cold Storage

Cold rooms play a really big role in businesses in the food service and hospitality industries because they are designed to provide temperature regulation and keep produce from spoiling — something that is really important to supermarkets, caterers and restaurants, obviously. But there are a few other business types and industries that find cold rooms massively beneficial to their business.

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3 Tips to Cope with Your Restaurant's Busy Period

Facing a period of increased demand at your restaurant can seem like a blessing - until you discover what a management nightmare it can be. Thankfully, from holidays like Christmas and Valentine's Day to local events like sports games and festivals, it's possible to take advantage of your busy periods without stress if you plan ahead. Here are three tips that'll help you cope with the next diner boom at your restaurant.

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4 Benefits of Mobile Cold Rooms

For many businesses, like restaurants, caterers, event planners and convenience stores, cold rooms are a must-have as opposed to a nice-to-have. And, from chest-freezers to walk-in cold rooms, there are plenty of options for businesses to consider for their cold storage needs. But have you ever considered mobile cold or freezer rooms to meet your business needs? This option is often overlooked as a viable solution, but there are certain advantages to having a mobile cold room. Here are a few of them for you to consider.

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How to Run a Successful Drinks Promotion

Got a new cold drink you want to get people excited about? Planning a summer promotion is a great way to get the word out about your new beverage, offer free samples to potential customers and get people coming back for more. To run a successful promo, you need to plan carefully, create an attention-grabbing display and hire the right equipment. Read on to find out exactly how to run a promotion that could turn your drink into the next big thing.

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