Do You Need Refrigerated Storage in Winter?

While winter is definitely chilly enough to keep some goods from perishing, refrigerated storage is still needed. There are many items that still need the consistent environment of a mobile cold room, so read below to find out why you may need to use a mobile cold room during a Queensland winter.

Uses For Mobile Cold Rooms in Winter

Flower Delivery

Keeping flowers fresh can be a struggle, even throughout winter. Freshly cut flowers need particular conditions to thrive in, and if those conditions are even just a little bit off they could wilt prematurely and be ruined. A mobile cold room allows you to maintaining optimal temperature and humidity, keeping flowers fresher for longer.

flower truck

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Transport

There are some products with active ingredients that rely on a consistent environment to stay viable. Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics often contain ingredients that need to be stored at the proper temperature, otherwise, they will no longer work. Using a mobile cold room to store these products means you don’t have to worry about them going off in the short-term.

Biological Matter

One of the most important uses for mobile cold rooms any time of the year is to store biological matter such as blood and organs. As you can imagine, this cargo needs to stay at a stable temperature at all times in order to remain useful for transplants, testing, and transfusions. Controlling the temperature with a mobile cold room will ensure that no biological matter is wasted.

Delicate Antiques

One use for mobile cold rooms during winter that you may not have thought of is to store delicate items and antiques. Be it a painting, furniture items, book, or any other artefact, older items may need to be kept at a consistent temperature and humidity to keep them in pristine condition. Without temperature and humidity control they could retain moisture which can do serious damage to antiques.

antique books

Flammable Products

Lastly, it is important that anything flammable is kept at the recommended, consistent temperature. Even though it may seem cold enough in winter, temperature fluctuation could be what causes extremely flammable materials to combust. By keeping the temperature steady you can avoid this risk.

Even in the middle of winter, there are still many reasons why you might need to use a mobile cold room in your business. For more articles about the uses of cold rooms, check out our blog. To make an enquiry, click here.