What to Look for When Hiring a Cold Room

You know you need to hire a cold room for your event, but you have no idea where to start. What does shopping around for a cold room even entail? Is there a difference between one type and another, or will any do the job?

Depending on what you are using your cold room for, there are a few things to keep in mind when hiring one. We’ll take you through each step so that you can feel confident that you’re getting exactly what you need when you hire a cold room.

Temperature Monitoring

One thing that’s incredibly important when hiring a cold room is making sure you can change the temperature. Depending on what you’re keeping cold, this could make the difference between a successful event and a disastrous one.

Mobile cold room

Having control over the temperature and being able to regularly check it will prevent drinks from getting warm and food from spoiling. Most cold rooms have indoor analog temperature control, but it’s definitely worth checking to make sure.


When hosting any event, safety is a key thing to keep in mind. It may seem like a given, but one thing to make sure of when hiring a cold room is that it is safe to use and be around.

Ensure that there is a mechanism to stop a mobile cold room from rolling out of place, potentially causing injury. It’s also worthwhile to check that the cold room is easy to get into for adults but not for children, to prevent anyone from locking themselves inside.

Size and Flexibility

Think about what it is you need from a cold room and make sure the one you hire has the space and storage for the job. Most cold rooms come with tiered shelving and they all come in different sizes, so evaluate exactly what you need to store in there and the amount of space it will take up.


There’s nothing worse than having to throw away spoiled food or serve up lukewarm drinks because the cold room ran out of space.


Lastly, make sure you shop around for a fair price. While some companies can give you what seems like a great price on face value, you might get hit with an expensive delivery or pickup fee that you weren’t expecting. Be aware of what cold rooms are worth and find the right one for you. Our team is always around to talk you through our pricing and what is included so you know exactly what you’re getting from Kleer Cold Room Hire.

To get a quote on any of our cold rooms, just send us an Order Form and we’ll get back to you with a price as soon as possible.

Already hired or purchased a cold room? Here are some tips to take care of it so it’s working the best it can for your business.