How to Run a Successful Drinks Promotion

Got a new cold drink you want to get people excited about? Planning a summer promotion is a great way to get the word out about your new beverage, offer free samples to potential customers and get people coming back for more.

To run a successful promo, you need to plan carefully, create an attention-grabbing display and hire the right equipment. Read on to find out exactly how to run a promotion that could turn your drink into the next big thing.



There's no point in setting up an amazing drinks promotion in an area that's completely dead. You should look for locations that have high foot traffic and plenty of space for you to set up and that attract the kind of consumer you're looking to target.

For example, if you want to appeal to families, setting up next to a large toy store at the weekend would be ideal. To draw in high-end consumers, you could set up in front of a classy restaurant one evening. Shopping centres usually have the highest foot traffic, but pitches can be competitive.


Your promotion needs to grab the attention of everyone who walks past to ensure you make the most of your pitch. Bright colours, large models, music, sound effects and staff dressed in costume all work towards attracting plenty of interest.


Be sure to hire staff who are outgoing and confident, as they'll be able to engage with people easily and ensure you have plenty of takers. Make sure your promotional display matches your brand image or you might end up targeting the wrong kind of consumer.


There's no point in spending a fortune on promoting an amazing new drink if it's going to be lukewarm. Keep all your samples cool on even the hottest summer day by hiring a mobile cold room. A walk-in cold room can be set up alongside the rest of your promotional display, allowing staff to easily restock their samples whenever they need to. Most cold room hire companies include service and maintenance, so you can be sure that someone will be on hand to help if anything goes wrong during your promo.

Mobile cold rooms are towed behind your vehicle, so it's easy to take them anywhere you need to. This is ideal if you're planning several events in different locations.


Cold rooms are available in a range of sizes, so you'll need to calculate how many drinks you'll need. Look at the average foot traffic for your pitch and then estimate how many people will take a sample to get a good starting figure. It makes sense to bring more than you think you need to avoid going out of stock early and wasting part of your pitch hire time.

If you're offering a number of different flavours, take the popularity of each into account. If strawberry is far more popular than lime, stock more of it.


Once consumers have tasted your delicious drink, you need to ensure that they take the next step and don't just forget all about you. Offering a discount voucher alongside each free drink is a great way to turn samplers into customers.

You could also include website and social media details on the voucher, encouraging people to share a selfie online with their drink, share in a dedicated hashtag or send you their feedback. Encouraging online engagement is a great way to get extra value from your promotion and reach a wider audience.

Do you want to promote a new drink this summer? You need to create an eye-catching display, hire a mobile cool box and encourage engagement after the promotion. Get started by contacting a Sunshine Coast cold room specialist today.

BusinessJanelle Strickland