5 Businesses that Benefit from Cold Storage

Cold rooms play a really big role in businesses in the food service and hospitality industries because they are designed to provide temperature regulation and keep produce from spoiling — something that is really important to supermarkets, caterers and restaurants, obviously. But there are a few other business types and industries that find cold rooms massively beneficial to their business.


With the help of mobile cold rooms, florists can design flower arrangements and full orders with a staggering array of options. Flowers and plants begin to decline in quality as soon as they have been cut, but keeping flowers cold during transport can help them stay fresher for longer. Plus, with a cold room fitted out within the florist’s shop, the life span of the flowers and plants can be prolonged even further!

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At Kleer, we support a lot of festivals and events — from the Gympie Music Muster to the Big Pineapple Festival. These sort of events can be a logistical nightmare, but mobile cold room storage can make the process a lot easier to handle. It allows events to be held in weird and wonderful places, they can take place over several days without worrying about the food spoiling, and it can help the event organiser take the festival experience to another level.


Many wineries will refrigerate their grapes after they have been harvested, and refrigerated rooms can provide an on-site solution at the very first stage in the wine-making process. For the finished product to taste oh-so delicious, it is critical that wine be stored and transported in temperature-controlled facilities, and mobile cold rooms offer just the right solution.

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Many life-saving medicines — like vaccines and insulin — need to be stored and shipped at controlled temperatures in order to preserve their quality and viability. So a mobile cold room is key in this industry for shipping the goods, but many pharmaceutical companies will also require a larger walk-in cold room on-site to organise and store their stock.


Businesses that manufacture cosmetic or fragrance products require cold store because the products last longer if they’re stored in the cold. Lipstick has a much longer shelf life if it is kept in cold storage, and cologne will retain its scent longer if stored in a cold environment (but perfume should be stored at room temperature).

Think you might need cold storage for your business or event? Have you considered mobile cold storage?

No matter what industry you work in — whether you sell flowers, produce food or make wine — if you need a temperature-controlled environment for the operation of your business, we have the cooling solution for you. From mobile cold and freezer rooms, to custom-built on-site solutions, Kleer Cold Room Hire and Ice Supplies has over 25 years’ experience in the industry and can help you figure out what your business needs. If you have any questions, just get in touch with our team, or if you know what you need, place an order through our website today.