5 Surprising Alternative Uses of Mobile Cold Rooms

When you think of mobile cold rooms, you probably think of food and drink storage for a party or event. While this is a common use, there are plenty of other reasons to hire mobile cold rooms that you may never have thought of. Check out some of the less common uses for mobile cold rooms.

Remote Areas

There are plenty of remote areas in Australia that can be difficult to reach and may not have adequate power or refrigeration. If you’re travelling to a remote region with something you need to keep cold, a mobile cold room is the way to go. Especially if you need to transfer a large amount of something and need a place to store it when you get there, mobile cold rooms are the perfect solution.


We all love a summer wedding, but one frustrating element can be trying to keep the flowers fresh right up to the ceremony. If your wedding is likely to fall on a hot day, consider hiring a mobile cold room to store your flowers and give them some respite from the heat. This tactic will save the day when it comes time to take the photos.


Biological Storage

One overlooked but extremely important use for mobile cold rooms is the storage and transport of biological matter. Mobile cold rooms are especially useful for blood drives and roaming immunisations where matter needs to be stored and transported at a specific temperature. It gives medical practitioners the freedom to be on the move while ensuring everything stays cool.


Most of us have probably had to move home at one point of our lives, and cleaning out the fridge and freezer can result in a big waste of food. Alternatively you could try to use it all up before you go, but that usually results in some odd meals at best and a week of eating just one thing at worst. Instead, hire a mobile cold room and take your groceries with you to your new home.

Ice Sculptures

Ever wondered how ice sculptures get to the event without melting? In a mobile cold room of course! It’s a great way to transport something big and keep your sculpture in perfect shape right up until the event.

Mobile cold rooms can be used to store and transport a lot more than just food items, some of which can be lifesaving. Check out our blog for more interesting facts about mobile cold rooms.