Tips to Take Care of your Cold Room

Renting a cold room is a massive investment for any business, and it is often an essential one. But the return on your investment can be just as  big, with your cold room working hard for you, often 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But are you giving your cold room a little TLC along the way?

Just like a car, your cold room needs to be properly maintained, and get a service every once in a while. Breakdowns can be costly, inconvenient and stressful, and they can have a really big impact on your business. That’s why maintenance plays such a massive part in keeping cold rooms operating efficiently, and why each of our rental agreements is backed by a free after-sales maintenance contract.


But, in addition to ongoing maintenance from our team, there are a few things you and your staff can do to ensure your cold rooms operates at peak performance for you and your business.


Just a few extra tasks in your workday can help you prevent a cold room breakdown and avoid the expense that can come with that. Our top tips include:

  • record the unit temperature daily - temperature is a great indicator as to how well your unit is operating, and my recording it daily you will easily see any irregularities, which can be acted upon immediately (avoiding a massive breakdown at a later stage)

  • keep your unit clean - using warm, soap water and a cloth, make sure you regularly wipe down the interior surfaces of your unit. Bleach, steel wool and chemicals will not only damage the unit, but also leave behind a strong odour which could affect your goods

  • after cleaning, make sure all the surfaces are dry - wet areas can cause a build up of ice and make the surfaces slippery

  • clear around the outside - remove any rubbish and weeds that are outside your unit, because they can obstruct airflow and this can cause your unit to not work efficiently



A fully-stocked unit will operate more efficiently than a partly stocked one, but on the other hand, an overstocked unit will have to work much harder and could result in early breakdowns, so it is important to keep an eye on your stock levels to ensure your cold room operates the best it can.

You can also ensure your cold room operates more efficiently by having a stocking system that works for your business. For example:

  • keep items used frequently near the front, so you can easily find them and not have to keep the door open for ages looking for them

  • ensure your goods don’t block any fans because this will impact the flow of cold air and could result in spoilage for other items

  • check perishable items daily and clean any spillages immediately so that they don’t negatively impact your other goods


By implementing these few things within your business, your cold room will receive the regular maintenance and health checks it deserves after all it's hard work for you.

And of course, we will help you to ensure your cold room is regularly serviced, and we can advise you on the proper storage and use for your specific goods. Have a chat to our team today to find the best cooling solution for your business, and remember to ask us about our free after-sales maintenance service contract!