The Benefits of Long Term Cold Room Hire

Whether you are running out of storage, are frequently travelling to events, or just don’t have the time and resources to build your own cold room, you may be considering long term cold room hire. Here are four reasons why hiring a cold room long term could work for you and your business.

Why You should Consider Long Term Cold Room Hire


From catering companies to established restaurants, one of the most common problems for any food service business is not having enough storage. While lack of storage can be solved in many different creative ways for non food items, running out of fridge space means you may have to say goodbye to excess stock, which results in wasted money. Hiring a cold room long term means that you will always have extra fridge space on hand.

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While at face value it might seem like having your own walk in cold room or buying a mobile cold room are the cheaper options, but in reality this may not be the case. One of the benefits of long term cold room hire is that maintenance and repairs are included in the price, so that if anything goes wrong which is outside of your control you won’t suddenly be hit with a giant bill.


Another upside to long term cold room hire is that you will get what you need as soon as you need it. Instead of building your own and being disrupted by construction, you will have immediate access to a cold room right outside your door. If the cold room does need maintenance or repair, you can simply swap it out immediately so that you have constant access to your food storage rather than having no access to refrigeration for possibly weeks.

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The last benefit of long term mobile cold room hire is the freedom of mobility. If you frequently need refrigeration at local events this comes in handy. This mobility is also a lifesaver when it comes to power outages. Instead of hoping the power comes on before everything is the cold room spoils, you can simply move it to another location or run it from a generator so that the contents of your cold room stays fresh.

Long term cold room hire is an affordable and time-saving solution to your refrigeration needs. To find out what you should look for when hiring a cold room, click here.