Tips for Hiring a Mobile Cold Room for a Party

When it comes to big parties, mobile cold rooms are a must-have. Without hiring a mobile cold room your fridge would be overflowing, forcing you to serve up warm drinks, wilting canapes, and melting desserts.

Some hosts opt for this route in an effort to save on their power bill and avoid the hassle that comes with hiring a cold room, but there are plenty of tips and tricks to make hiring a cold room easier for you and work for your next big party.

No need to go to such extremes to keep drinks cold at your party!

No need to go to such extremes to keep drinks cold at your party!


Cold Room Hire Tips


At any event where you are responsible for dozens of people, safety should be at the forefront of your mind. While there is nothing dangerous about cold rooms as long as they are used correctly, guests who have had a little too much to drink are less likely to follow correct procedure.

Ensure that you locate your cold room somewhere that isn’t easily accessible to guests. If that isn’t possible, take precautions such as ensuring the lead isn’t a tripping hazard and maybe even consider putting a lock on the door to dissuade any rowdy guests from exploring.

Unload in Bulk

Instead of taking out single drinks as you need them, instead unload them by the case and keep them in a smaller fridge or ice bucket where they are readily available to your guests.

This will save on energy costs as the door to the cold room won’t be as frequently opened, causing it to work overtime to get the room back to the ideal temperature. It also means that you won’t have to keep making frequent trips to the cold room or open it up to your guests.

Cheers to cold drinks!

Cheers to cold drinks!


Save Energy

While keeping the door closed as much as possible is a great tip, there are a few other things you can do to save energy when hiring a mobile cold room. Before you even commit to hiring a cold room it is worth inspecting it to make sure that both the outside and inside are in good condition. If you see any panel damage this could imply a leak that would let out cold air and drive up your power bill.

A thermal imaging camera can also detect leaks. If you notice any leaks or damage once your mobile cold room is already hired, you can call in for technical support immediately, saving on hidden power costs in the long run.

By following these handy tips, hiring out a mobile cold room should be a breeze. Holding an outdoor event? Check out our guide to hiring a cold room at an outdoor event or festival here.