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6 Foods You Should Not Refrigerate

Refrigeration is often times the best way to slow down the decomposition process for many foods. While refrigeration is great to extend the lives of fresh meats, many vegetables, and other perishables, there are a few foods that do better left out of the fridge. Find out about the six foods you should never refrigerate.

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Tips to Keep Party Guests Hydrated

Throwing any sort of big bash means making sure all of your guests are well catered for, with plenty of food to keep everyone going no matter what their dietary requirements. But arguably, more important than the snacks are the drinks. These are our top tips to ensure no one goes thirsty at your party!

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20 Things to do on the Coast these Holidays

Whether you’re a Sunny Coast local or a regular holiday goer I think we can all agree that the Sunshine Coast is a pretty magical destination. And these last few years the Sunshine Coast has definitely found its cool. Whether you’re into nature, fine dining or getting real salty, we have created an epic list of 20 things to tick off your bucket list this Christmas holiday season for the whole family. 

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