Tips to Keep Party Guests Hydrated

Throwing any sort of big bash means making sure all of your guests are well catered for, with plenty of food to keep everyone going no matter what their dietary requirements. But arguably, more important than the snacks are the drinks.

Compared to the food, you might be tempted to assume stopping thirst is a simple task, but don't be fooled. Sure, you could keep it simple and stick to one or two options, but that's no way to make your party a memorable event. To really keep everyone happy, you'll need enough options for each guest to drink something they'll truly enjoy.

How do you do that without breaking the bank and implementing a fully-stocked bar? Read one for some frugal, time-saving tips.


Cocktails are a time-honoured way to create delicious, memorable drinks, but they can get complicated quickly - especially if you try and offer a selection! Nobody wants to be tied down to a bar, serving drinks instead of having fun when they're holding a party.

Luckily, you have plenty of choices in cocktails that can please the masses, be made in bulk beforehand, and let people serve themselves throughout the event. Drinks like a classic Spanish sangria or a refreshing margarita are perfect for summer gatherings - or any part of the year if you're in the warmer parts of the country. Eggnog and mulled wine are excellent for chillier days, so don't assume they're just for Christmas.

Pouring cocktails.jpg

If you're feeling more adventurous, or you can't find a recipe you think will appeal to everyone, try serving up your own creation. This creation doesn't need to be particularly complicated; mixing two or three fruit juices and choosing a spirit to stir through is a simple way to craft your very own custom punch.


Despite your efforts to find or create a universally-loved cocktail, some people won't want to drink it. The trick is to avoid going overboard in catering to all their different tastes.

The main types of people who will prefer something other than your bulk cocktail or punch are beer drinkers and wine drinkers. Catering to just these two groups keeps things as simple as can be and keeps your costs low. Just get one type of beer plus a few bottles of red and white wine, and you will have something for everyone.

Toasting with drinks

You might be tempted to add in some spirits and mixers, but this is where things can really spiral out of control. It's fine if you have the budget for it and the time to serve drinks up, but for most people, it's just overcomplicating things. Stick to the simple options above, and everyone will be happy.


Whether they're driving or simply don't drink, some people at the party won't be having alcohol. You need to make sure they have something nice to drink, or they'll feel left out.

A simple fruit-juice punch gives people an excellent alternative to your alcoholic one and is just as easy for people to serve themselves. You could also provide some interesting non-alcoholic craft drinks so everyone, not just the drinkers, has something new to try.

Make sure you have some cold water on tap, which also helps those partaking in alcohol, to stay hydrated. Spruce it up with some lemon or lime wedges to make the water more enticing.

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Hiring a mobile cold room keeps all of your drinks nicely chilled before they're served, which cuts down on how much ice you need. With that said, you should still have plenty for people to put in their drinks, which will keep them cool before they're finished.

Cold drink with ice.jpg

Ice is also useful if you're using a punch bowl kept outside of the cold room, as it will keep your big batch drinks nice and cold long after they're made. Keep all your drinks at the perfect temperature, and people will remember your party for the right reasons.

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