2 Appliances You Need to Hire for Your Outdoor Wedding

Weddings don’t always have to be the traditional (read: expensive) affairs, these days more and more couples are looking to have more personalised and intimate events.

People are steering away from the classic catered wedding in a crowded function space to weddings that are more casual, practical, and inexpensive. And lately, there has been a movement towards self-catered outdoor weddings, and we are all for them!

Thinking about an outdoor wedding? What about a self-catered one?

Thinking about an outdoor wedding? What about a self-catered one?


The biggest trick to catering your wedding by yourself is to be organised. You have to think ahead for all scenarios and ensure that your guests are going to be comfortable, well fed, and most importantly, having fun.

This is simple enough to do as long as you have the right appliances for the job. Here are the two must-have appliances for your DIY outdoor wedding in South East Queensland.

A Barbecue

There is no appliance that will feed a large group of people more efficiently than a good old barbie. Whether you want a laid-back approach with snags and burgers or something a little higher end, such as barbecued salmon with grilled asparagus, all manner of feats can be accomplished with this one simple appliance.

Keep it casual with delicious BBQ food.

Keep it casual with delicious BBQ food.


The real beauty of the barbecue is that it’s essentially a one-person show, and people tend to love showing off their burger flipping skills. There is bound to be one relative in every family that is happy to man the barbecue all night. Pair that with some happy helpers buttering bread rolls or serving up salmon and you can be left to enjoy your wedding while the food practically takes care of itself.

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A Mobile Cold Room

Our second must-have that you simply cannot do without at an outdoor wedding, especially on the Sunshine Coast (in summer… or even in winter really), is a mobile cold room.

Without this you are in danger of serving up warm champagne at best, or giving everyone food poisoning at worst. A cold room will keep everything cool and safe from the blaring sun. If you are serving up fish for dinner it will stay fresh and delicious until you are ready to cook. Serve up something cool and refreshing for dessert to give your guests some respite from the sun and keep all the drinks on offer cold and crisp without having to store them in unattractive eskys.

Your guests need cold champagne for the all-important toast!

Your guests need cold champagne for the all-important toast!


You can get mobile cold rooms in all different sizes so that you can pick what will best accommodate your guests and if you need anything to stay especially chilly you can even hire a freezer room, perfect for storing frozen foods and extra bags of ice.

Mobile cold rooms are designed to be used in any location with a power supply, and they are easy to tow, so they are the perfect convenience item for an outdoor wedding - don’t get caught in the heat without one!

For mobile cold room hire on the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast, make sure to get in touch with the Kleer Cold Room Hire team today.