4 Ways to Create the Perfect DIY Beachside Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days of your life. It can also bean insanely expensive day, with an average of around $36,000 dollars being spent by couples on their nuptials in Australia. Fortunately, it's possible to have a beautiful and unforgettable wedding day without the staggering cost.

 A big trend in modern weddings is shunning the big-budget venues for a less formal and more DIY outdoor event. On the Sunshine Coast, this is an attractive option. There are numerous gorgeous beachside venues available to use via the Sunshine Coast Council,and the temperate climate almost guarantees that you'll enjoy good weather conditions. 

An outdoor venue means a huge reduction in the cost of hiring a more traditional venue,and it also means that you can save a bundle by providing the catering yourselves. If this sounds like your idea of the perfect coastal wedding day, then here are the four key elements that you should include.



No Australian wedding would be complete without a selection of refreshingly chilled drinks. Along with beer, wine and bubbly, don't forget to include a good selection of non-alcoholic drinks as well. Soft drinks, juices and bottled water are vital for the non-drinkers, children and for those who want to keep hydrated in the warm Queensland climate. 

Providing glasses for drinks is an expense that you can avoid with the right drink purchases. Opt for piccolo bottles of wine and champagne, which hold roughly a standard glass, instead of large bottles. Beer can be served in the bottle and you can order personalised wedding beer coolers that double as mementos for your guests to keep. 

It might also be wise to organise an extra recycling bin to be delivered to the site by the Council. Although fixed bins are generally provided in most wedding locations, you may find that they start to overflow quickly when a large number of people are depositing drink bottles in them.


A beachside wedding is the perfect occasion for serving up a smorgasbord of delectable, fresh local seafood, and the Sunshine Coast has no shortage of outlets to buy it from. King prawns, mud crabs, Moreton Bay bugs, oysters and crayfish are all available from one end of the coast to the other. 

The wonderful thing about having seafood as your main course is that all you need is a few trestle tables covered in white tablecloths, some crisp salad sand baskets of freshly baked bread to create a truly decadent feast that wouldn't be out of place in a five-star hotel.


Flowers are an intrinsic element for a wedding wherever it takes place. Adding some gorgeous and vibrant blooms to your outdoor wedding set up can transform even the most prosaic location into a romantic and magical wonderland.

For a beachside wedding, think tropical blooms rather than more traditional flowers like roses and carnations. Hibiscus, Bird of Paradise and Frangipanis are all stunning and easily found on the Sunshine Coast. They'll provide a more striking contrast with the natural colours of the sand and sea, and they'll also endure the hot and humid conditions far better than non-native flowers.

wedding bouquet


The final element you'll need to ensure your DIY beachside wedding goes smoothly is a cold place to store all of your beverages, fresh seafood and flowers before they're needed. While it's possible to use a collection of borrowed eskies and cool bags, the easiest and most aesthetically pleasing option is to hire a portable cold room

Kleer Cold Room Hire in Maroochydore can deliver a portable cold room to your chosen wedding venue anywhere on the Sunshine Coast. With a range of sizes, you can choose a model that will comfortably store your drinks, food and flowers safely and unobtrusively until they're required. Just contact the team today for more information.