Short Term cold & freezer room Rentals

Need refrigeration for an event you're hosting? Maybe you're attending a street festival and need your cooling solutions on the go? Or maybe you are a caterer for a wedding on property?

Whatever your cooling needs, we have the solution for you!

Our fleet of mobile cold rooms and freezer rooms are perfect for short-term cooling solutions, and with our flexible hiring options, you can use them for as little or as long as you need.

They are designed to be used in any location with a power supply, so whether you need refrigeration on the go, or have a week-long festival to attend, we can offer you a practical and affordable solution. In addition to our mobile fleet, we can also offer short-term hire of onsite cold rooms and freezer rooms. So, no matter your refrigeration requirements, we’ve got the right cold or freezer room for you at a price you can afford. Contact us today to get started!


For more information on the benefits of mobile cold rooms, read the full blog here.



Our easy-to-tow, portable cold rooms and freezers simply attach to your vehicle, giving you instant access to professional refrigeration on a trailer. It's the simple solution you've been looking for.


  • Trailer Cold Room Sizes Available: 1.8L x 1.2W, 1.8L x 1.8W and 2.4L x 1.8W

  • Trailer Freezer Room Sizes Available: 1.8L x 1.2W and 2.4L x 1.8W

  • Height for all rooms is 2.1m. Total height including trailer ranges from 2.85m to 3.5m. Please specify if you have height restrictions at site

  • Guideline for storage capacity is 1.8 x 1.2 stores 45 cartons of beer, 1.8 x 1.8 stores 60 cartons and 2.4 x 1.8 stores 80 cartons

  • All our portable cold rooms are 10amp single phase power and require 240V power to operate

  • Please note that extension cord, if needed, to plug into power point is not supplied

  • Connection is a 50mm tow ball with 7 pin round plug although we do have connection adapters available

  • All cold and freezer rooms come with one or two sets of 3-tier shelves

  • Analogue temperature control

  • Internal lighting

  • We can deliver for a fee or customer can collect from our depot

PLEASE NOTE: A delivery fee is applicable.

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Find the answers to your portable on-site cold room and freezer hire questions in one easy-to-follow guide. Download the Kleer Cold Room Hire brochure or visit our FAQs section.